Meet Zachary Russell Bartlett, a seasoned freelance filmmaker with a practical edge. Based in Los Angeles, Bartlett brings over six years of hands-on expertise to the world of cinematic lighting. His specialty lies in crafting and executing lighting strategies that elevate a diverse range of projects. Not only is Bartlett skilled in gaffer, key grip, and cinematography roles, but he also excels at team coordination and on-the-spot troubleshooting.
Bartlett's lighting finesse is rooted in his knack for designing intricate setups that breathe life into videos. Beyond lighting, he's equally adept at managing teams, ensuring smooth collaboration. His ability to adapt to challenges and stay updated on the latest visual trends and camera technologies is a testament to his practical approach.
Beyond the camera, Bartlett co-owns Z&Z G&E LLC, contributing to efficient equipment rental operations. His versatility extends beyond the realm of filmmaking, encompassing diverse talents such as woodworking and creative writing. In his downtime, you'll find him playing intricate melodies on his five-string banjo or engaging audiences through Twitch streaming. His past roles, including front desk staff supervisor and wedding videographer, highlight his organizational skills and narrative craftsmanship.
Armed with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film and New Media, Bartlett's journey is rooted in both creativity and technical understanding. As he seeks a permanent role, his pragmatic expertise in cinematic lighting and filmmaking continues to shine, making him a valuable asset in the industry.
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